About BTAC

Business Technology and Creativity (BTAC EIRL) is a peruvian company (individual and limited), founded in 2008 in Arequipa. Since 2014, there is a German office in Freiburg im Breisgau.

The name BTAC starts with creativity which is inside of us all and deserves encouragement. Technology connects creative ideas with people ready to realize them and in the end new innovative products or services will arise and lead to international business.

This is why BTAC was founded, to realize dreams that deserve their value in national and international environments.

BTAC wants to give you chances to let your ideas reach people that value them.  

Everyone in the team believes that you can make your dreams come true, so

dare to dream!


Trading - A cornerstone for international relations between countries around the globe is trading. This is the reason for founding BTAC. Our mission is to make good products globally available, especially products of South America.



IT connects - International trade as well as the global exchange of ideas is no longer imaginable today without information technology. The Internet connects all participants from the farmer in the Andes up to european companies. BTAC strives to ease communications across borders and bring high end technology where it makes a benefit. Our technology partner Cuesoft developes and operates for us globally usable applications of all kind. From multilingual product databases to individual administrative software or international company presentations on the web.


Encourage ideas - For us, creativity does not only mean producing art or other beuatiful artifacts. For us its is also about acknowledging the talents of people and value and encourage them.